Doug Mill.

Technologist. Entrepreneur. Traveler.


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About Me

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer and Software Engineering Consultant from San Francisco, CA. I have experience working with software ranging from early-stage MVPs to mature systems operating at massive scale.

Prior to becoming a Software Engineer, I worked in Neuroscience Research, and my experience with the scientific method informs my approach to building new technology. I am passionate about travel and exploring different cultures, and currently live a location-independent digital nomad lifestyle. I have development expertise in the following areas:

Backend: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express.js, Elixir, Phoenix

Frontend: React.js, Ember.js, Responsive Design, ES6

DevOps: Amazon Web Services, Chef, Continuous Integration


Software Development

I specialize in building high-performance web applications for clients ranging from bootstrapped startups to massive corporations. My main areas of expertise are Ruby on Rails, React.js, and DevOps.


Need advice on what kinds of technologies to use for your project? Want help hiring or managing a development team? I've got you covered.


If you have software in production without a developer to maintain it, perform updates, and be on-call in-case disaster strikes I can work with you to ensure that you're protected.

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On Location

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